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Here is the new Kinetik hockey stick prototype.

All the features of regular sticks with added feel and durability, better accuracy in shooting and passing.

Prototype X1

Prototype X2

Prototype X3

A Right handed stick, shaft was made larger than normal and was determined too big for the average players hand. Stiffness 125 Flex.

A Right handed stick shaft same size as X1 but made with a foam core, still just as light as regular sticks but now a one piece, Stiffness 105 Flex.

A Left handed stick, smaller shaft size to accomodate intermediate/Adult. Foam core for durability and rated at 90 Flex.

Complete with decal.

Kinetik prototype stick 1
Prototype hockey stick first version
Kinetik hockey
Kinetik hockey stick at tournament 2

No photo avail.

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Prototype X4 and final version

Kinetik hocke stick 4 last prototype
Kinetik hocke stick 4 last prototype

A right handed stick, perfect shaft size for all Intermediate players or  Adult. as durabie and rated at 90 Flex.

Complete with preliminary red decal.

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