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Junior sticks are here. 

Senior sticks

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Junior sticks!

$85 each


Our Junior sticks are here!  These fantastic junior sticks start at 25 flex and move up to 65 flex.  All sticks are 52" in length. A great length for the growing kid.

The same great ergonomic design and feel to help you handle the puck, shoot straighter, and

score more goals!

The Blade is a square variation that mimics a pro style to allow you to pick up the puck easily off the boards with square flared toe and 12mm depth so the puck flies off the blade

You will love it.


Scroll down to view all sticks.

Pictures and order page below will give you the information you need to make an informed decision on what stick will suit you!

 $85.00 ea. (shipping not included)

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